About Japanese Rental Housing

Making a contract

1.Preperation for apply

・Identification card
Driver's License Student card Alien Registration Card etc

(1) If you have a guarantor
The apartment company demand you Japanese Guarantor who has income to some extent.

(2) Using the guaranty company
This may vary accordingly but usually 50% to 70% of the one month rent, common service charge, administrative fee, and car parking fee is paid when signing the contract. In general emergency contact must be prepared.

2.Preperation for contract

  • Guarantor's seal and certificate of registered seal
  • Contractor‘s (lease signer) certificate of residence
  • Contractor's (lease signer) seal
  • Front-end payment (deposit, key money, agent fee, advanced payment for rent, insurance, key exchange, etc.)

The real estate management agency manages the property of the owner, and we will support the tenant’s demands making negotiations with the management agency and the owner.
Making a contract may be time consuming, but we will cooperate in finding the room which best suits your needs.