About Japanese Rental Housing


1.How to star use

In Japan, gas is provided by a private company. Also, there are two kinds of gas – city gas and propane gas. To start use, you need to make an application to contract with the gas company in your new area of residence (Tokyo Gas for Tokyo metropolitan area) via the telephone or internet (the same process as for electricity). After making the application to the gas company, staff from the gas company will visit your new residence to open the tap with you. Of course, Global Trust Networks will begin the procedure for you to start use.

2.precautions of Use

・Alarm System Information
In the case of a fire, the alarm system in your house makes a noise to warn you. There are 2 types of alarm systems – smoke system and heat system. Most rented apartments are provided with this.

3.Contact Information

Please make enquiries to the gas company with which you have a contract. If you request, Global Trust Networks can speak with the gas company on your behalf.

  • Payment of gas
  • Failure or defect of gas equipment
  • Changing the gas user’s name

4.Emergency Contact

In the case of gas leakage or other emergency, please contact the police or fire department in your area as soon as possible. In addition, please also contact the gas company with which you have a contract.

Police TEL:110
Fire department TEL:119

5.Prohibitions Information

・Attention to gas leakage
Please be aware that a gas leakage may cause an explosion or fire.

・Attention to smell
Originally gas is odorless but a smell has been added purposely to make you aware of a gas leakage.

6.Gas Charges Information

There are 2 types of gas. The first is city gas and the other is propane gas. If you use propane gas, a deposit must be paid in advance when the tap is opened, but it will be refunded at the time of relocation. Also, there are some differences in rates. The monthly cost is calculated by the result of the meter readings taken by the staff regularly. The total amount will be the monthly fee plus the gas usage.

7.Payment Methods

・Bank Account Transfer
For bank account transfer, payment is made automatically each month from the designated bank account of the person who rents the room. The application for bank account transfer is available on the Tokyo Gas Company website.

・Credit Card
To continually pay by credit card, you must register the credit card in advance. The credit card company pays the rental amount in advance then charges the amount to your credit card. Tokyo Gas Company in Tokyo metropolitan area accepts applications from the internet. Please fill out the required information and inkan stamp then post to apply. It may take 1-2 months to change to the credit card payment method.

・Direct Bank Deposit
Payment forms will be mailed from the gas company. Payment can be made to the gas company at a bank or post office. Payment can also be made at convenience stores or financial institutions.

8.Contract Term and Payment

As a principle, the contract term is 1 year. The contract will be automatically renewed if you do not cancel the contract before the contract completion date. Payment is due within 30 days of the meter reading. If payment is made after the due date, the daily interest rate of approximately 0.0274% is charged. If payment is not made within 50 days of the day after the meter reading, a warning will be given and the gas supply will be stopped.

9.Relocation Procedure

When the relocation date is decided, you should contact the gas company by telephone or internet to notify of the contract cancellation date. After that, staff from the company will arrive on the contract cancellation date to close the tap and calculate the final cost, then cancellation is complete.