How to activate gas and precautions

1. How to activate gas

In Japan, there are two types of gas, city gas and propane gas, both provided through private businesses. To activate gas, you must register with the gas company respective to your new area, just like activating your electricity (for residents in the Tokyo metropolitan area, Tokyo Gas). You can call to register or apply online. After registration, a staff member will come to your new apartment and will activate your gas. You must be present for this procedure for safety.

2. Precautions using gas

Fire alarm device In case of fire, the fire alarm will go off to alert the tenants to evacuate.There are two types, smoke detector and heat detector. They are installed in most of rental apartments and mansions.

3. Contact Information

Please contact the gas company that you have the contract with during your tenancy. Please contact us, Global Trust Networks if necessary, we will help you explain to the gas company. -Payment of gas bills -Gas equipment malfunction or failure -Gas contractor name change, etc.

4. Emergency Contact

If there is a gas leak or any other gas-related emergency, please call the police and the fire department, as well as your gas provider company. Police TEL: 110 Fire department TEL: 119

5. Prohibitions and one-point tip

DO NOT emit gas DO NOT emit gas for any reason. It can cause an explosion or house fire. -Pay attention to the smell Pay close attention to the smell of gas to recognize any gas leaks and other problems promptly.

6. Paying gas bills

In Japan, there are two types of house gas; city gas and propane gas. If your apartment uses propane gas, you will be asked to pay a deposit at gas activation. This deposit will be returned to you when moving out. City gas is a little less expensive than propane gas. The gas fee is calculated every month by the gas company when the staff comes to read your meter. Your monthly payment will include the monthly basic fee and your usage fee.

7. Payment Methods

Direct debit With direct debit, your gas fee will be withdrawn automatically from your savings account. For residents in Tokyo, you can request for an application form online. -Credit card You can link your gas bill with your credit card. Your gas fee will be charged to you through your credit card bill. For residents in Tokyo, you can request for an application form online. You must fill in the application form, seal it with your seal (inkan), and mail it back. It may take 1-2 months for the credit card payment to be set up. -Direct deposit If you have not set up a direct debit or credit card, you will receive a payment slip every month from the gas company. You can pay the bill at a bank, post office, or at a convenience store.

8. Contract period and payment deadline

The gas contract is generally 1 year, and it will be automatically renewed unless it is requested otherwise. Bills are due within 30 days from the last measurement. If payment is not made, you will be charged a 0.0274% interest per day. If your payment is not received 20 days after the due date, you will receive a warning and your gas will be suspended.

9. Procedures when moving out

Once your move-out date is set, you must contact the gas company to cancel your contract. On the day of your move-out, they will send staff to deactivate the gas, and to make the final measurement and payment. Your last month's gas will be prorated daily.

Tips and Information about Apartment Hunting in Japan

About initial contract fees such as deposit and key money

Deposit is paid to the landlord as insurance in unpredictable cases and it will be used to cover delayed rent, damage repairs, and so on. The deposit is supposed to be returned to the tenant at the end of the contract, however, if there is any damage beyond normal wear-and-tear, the balance will be returned to the tenant after the restoration fee is deducted. In most cases, the tenant shall be responsible for the basic cleaning fee, so it is unlikely to receive back the deposit in full amount. It is recommended that tenants use the apartment neatly so there will be less to pay, and more amount returning when moving out. Deposit is usually equal to 1 to 2 months of rent in the Tokyo metropolitan area. It is paid at the time of signing the contract. Here are some things you need to be careful to get more deposit back at the end of the contract: -Do not smoke indoors. -Clean the room regularly. -Do not use pins or nails to hang things on the wall. -Do not damage the floor or the walls. -Remove the oil stains in the kitchen frequently. Any other damages and stains that require extra repair may be charged upon moving out. Please make sure to use the room neatly.

What are joint guarantor and guarantor company?

The landlords must avoid the risk of unpaid rent in case the tenant loses the ability to pay due to unemployment, illness, or loss of contact with the tenant. Therefore a joint guarantor is required when renting an apartment in Japan. Legally, the responsibility of a joint guarantor is as strong as the contractor. In most cases, a family member becomes one's joint guarantor.

Important points when looking for a room

Monthly rent budget It is best to set your monthly rent budget to 25-30% of your monthly income. -Initial cost Normally, moving in costs 4-6 months' worth of rent. If you cannot provide as much initial cost, try looking for apartments without deposits or key money.

What you need for application and contract

Personal identification card Passport, residence card, student card, insurance card, etc. -Joint guarantor or guarantor company (1) When there is a joint guarantor A joint guarantor must be a Japanese person with a stable income. You are required to give personal information such as their name, address, date of birth, contact information, income, work information. (2) When using a guarantor company When using a guarantor company, you are required to give emergency contact information. This includes their name, address, date of birth, and contact information. (Depending on the guarantor company and the type of plan you use, you may be asked to pay 50-100% of your monthly rent as your initial cost.)

How to activate electricity service and precautions

In Japan, electricity services are provided through private businesses. Thus, when you move to a new area, you must register with the electricity company in your respective area (Ex: in the Tokyo metropolitan area, Tokyo Electric Power Company). You can register online or make a phone call. GTN can also register on behalf of you if you need assistance.

How to activate water and precautions

In Japan, water is provided through the Government Bureau of Waterworks of each designated area. You must contact the respective Bureau by phone, FAX, or apply online to activate your water services. For residents in Tokyo, please contact the Bureau customer center 3-4 days before activation or deactivation of your water services. If you need assistance, GTN can contact them on your behalf.

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